Walter, Weasel - Igneity: After The Fall Of Civilization

"A monolithic hour-long structure for improvisers, performed by a 12 piece unit which bridges the nexus between modern composition and all-out-war free jazz.

Igneity was composed in response to Henry Kaiser asking me if I would assemble a big band, rather than a small group, for us to play a concert with in New York. I had previously included him in the large ensembles I had led when I lived in Oakland, California. However, I had not yet tackled the format in New York City.

There is certainly no shortage of excellent players around here, but unlike the Bay Area, logistics tend to be somewhat more complicated, especially when it comes to rehearsal. As such, I set about devising an hour long structure which would allow me to control the general momentum and the various densities inherent in the orchestration while granting the individuals maximum freedom."
Weasel Walter (drums)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
Alan Licht (guitar)
Chris Welcome (guitar)
Peter Evans (trumpet)
Steve Swell (trombone)
Dan Peck (tuba)
Jim Sauter (saxophone)
Michael Foster (saxophones)
Chris Pitsiokos (saxophone)
Matt Nelson (saxophone)
Tim Dahl (double bass)
Brandon Lopez (double bass)

"A continuation in the tradition of seething, sonically complex conflagrations such as John Coltrane’s Ascension, Peter Brotzmann’s Machine Gun, Manfred Schoof’s European Echoes, Alan Silva’s Celestrial Com- munication Orchestra, Jazz Composers Orchestra, the brutal work of Globe Unity Orchestra and the dense modern composition of Xenakis, Penderecki and Stockhausen, “Igneity” features stunning playing by 13 active participants in the New Music scene in a deviously precise long-form framework. The group spans generations, featuring many young, under-recorded New York City-based firebrands such as Chris Pitsiokos, Michael Foster, Matt Nelson (all three on saxophone), Brandon Lopez (bass) and Chris Wel- come (guitar), in addition to avant garde vets like Steve Swell (trombone), Borbetomagus’ Jim Sauter (saxophone), Tim Dahl (bass) and Alan Licht (guitar), as well as prominent new-generation virtuosos like Dan Peck (tuba) and Peter Evans (trumpet). Journeyman Henry Kaiser’s volcanic guitar outbursts scream and howl across the savage sonic landscape while the maniacally dense drumming of bandleader Weasel Walter holds the entire chaotic monolith together with deadly aggression and dynamics. “Igneity” is a brutal, pointillistic hour of explosive instrumental prowess.

“Weasel is somehow both one of the most confident, and yet the most modest, of improvisors that I know of. When I have worked with him in any grouping that is under his direction, he is one of the finest leaders in improvisation at creating structures that come from his indelible personality, yet still provide as much practical freedom to the players as pure free improvisation. Over the decades I have heard, seen, and played in so many improvising ensembles that have had a leader who attempted to label the improvisation as their own composition. Growing up under the influence of the British School of improvisors around Bailey, Stevens, Parker, AMM, etc., this all too common egotistical/narcissistic approach always seemed like a counter-productive anathema to my improvising spirit and heart. Weasel is one of the very few leaders who can create large ensemble form improvisation opportunities that do not stifle the music and the creativity of the players, or claim undue credit for what is really a group collaboration, within a light, but effective, frame- work that Weasel can create. I could probably count the leader/conductors who can do that on the 4 fingers of one hand (no thumb!)” - Henry Kaiser
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