Watch - The Art Of Bleeding CD

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Simone Rossetti - lead vocals, Mellotron, synthesizers, flute
Giorgio Gabriel - electric guitars, 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, classical guitar
Marco Fabbri - drums & percussion
Mattia Rossetti - basses, bass pedals, 6- & 12-string electric guitars, vocals
Valerio De Vittorio - keyboards, Hammond L122 organ, Mellotron, synthesizers

“The Art Of Bleeding [is] the eighth studio (and first conceptual) album from Milan’s symphonic prog heavyweights The Watch. The quintet have garnered much acclaim for operating largely from the Foxtrot-era Genesis blueprint while carving out a niche with grand and sumptuous compositions of their own...
Ultimately, this 45 minute slab of symphonic prog cake is the strongest they’ve served up in years. Maybe the best since Vacuum, way back in 2004. Recent releases have had some tremendous individual tracks, but this one holds up as a complete listen without a weak link. For them to produce such inspired new music without sounding like a tired rehash of what’s come before is most heartening. If you haven’t been keeping your eye on The Watch, perhaps now you will. As a tribute act, they are excellent, but it’s when they put pen to paper and design commanding compositions like these that they rise above the rest of the pack.”-Velvet Thunder
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