Way, Darryl - Music For TV and Film CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This album feels like a spiritual sequel (prequel?) to Darryl's 1991 "Under the Soft", which was recorded for I.R.S.' No Speak label. This is due to its sound, which is made of violin (well, of course!), synth, guitar and drums.
As the title suggests, the 18 tracks here were written to later be used in television and movies (think of "affordable musical score database"). But do not let the word "affordable" fool you into thinking that the stuff is mediocre,- it is far from it! Alright, IMHO there are a few weaker tracks, but most of them are impressive. Since they were meant to be used in a variety of fictional situations, they reflect many different emotions, and are quite varied. The session guitarist, who's name is, unfortunately, not mentioned in the booklet, is a real talent, up there with the best. So, when you add Darryl's awesome violin to that, the resulting mix is top quality."
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