Weber, Eberhard - Colours 3 x CDs

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Three major, major classics available all together and at a very reasonable price.

"These three Eberhard Weber CDs incorporate all the music made for ECM by his innovative group Colours, the albums Yellow Fields (1975), Silent Feet (1977_ and Little Movements (1980). Colours was formed in 1975, initially to take music from Weber's award-winning album The Colours of Chloe on the road, but quickly took on a special identity of its own, drawing on the exceptional talents of the participants and touching on jazz improvisation, rock energy, contemporary composition, diverse world musics and the pulse patterns of minimalism. All three discs have been out of print for some time: their return will be welcomed by Weber's many supporters. Box includes extensive liner notes by Michael Tucker, based on interviews with the musicians, and rare archive photos."
Eberhard Weber-bass
Charlie Mariano-soprano saxophone, shenai, nagaswaram, flutes
Rainer BrĂ¼ninghaus-keyboards, piano, synthesizer
Jon Christensen-drums
John Marshall-drums, percussion
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