Wells, Junior - Calling All Blues : The Chief, Profile & USA Recordings 1957-1963 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is it, the holy grail of Chicago blues - the original, debut recordings by Junior Wells.
These late-50s and early-60s recordings for Mel London's Chief, Profile, and USA labels are available in a number of different guises. Fuel Records released this rather handsomely packaged and nicely annotated collection back in 2000.
Producer Mel London provides some of the songs himself; the rest is mostly Wells' own originals, with a few covers of songs by Willie Dixon and Tampa Red added to the mix. And there's some juicy prime rib here, or prime Junior as it is. The sizzling 1961 single "Messin' With The Kid" is one of Wells' very best and most intense vocals performances, and the title track is a smouldering instrumental featuring slide guitarist Earl Hooker (and it's one of the few to really feature Wells' harp as well). And we get a terrific, gritty cover of "It Hurts Me Too", too, and a powerful slow blues, "I'm A Stranger".
It's a shame that London decided to downplay Junior Wells' harmonica, though, especially when he does it in favour of a hideous-sounding organ. Wells was a terrific, powerful singer, and this set presents Junior Wells the singer rather than Junior Wells the harpist, which is certainly good enough. But we could have had both his singing and his harmonica playing, which would have been better!
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