West, Leslie - Five Originals : 3 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The Great Fatsby
Leslie West Band

Five albums by the Mountian Man guitarist; when West is hitting on all cylinders, he’s pretty unmatched and pretty great. Some of this is great.

“... bloody nora this guy could really rock without needing Mountain around him! Contains original (and tuneful) own written songs as well as covers with West using a whole host of top sessioners (including Jack Bruce) to turn everything up to 11 and just let it rip.
All the tracks i've heard so far make it feel like West has been freed of the shackles of Mountain and he takes every song by the balls to sing and play the hell out of it. Forget about the psychedelic dreams of Dear Prudence by the Beatles - on his version the girls' gonna get down and dirty!
If you like hard rock, monstrous stacks of Marshall Cabs, snarling Stratocasters and the music slamming you hard in the stomach and yet it still feels so good, go buy this set - turn it all to 12 if you can and just enjoy the hell out of it - Leslie West and the boys sure did!”
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