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Transparent orange and blue vinyl!

Once upon a time not SO long ago, it was actually possible to release an debut progressive rock album by complete unknowns that didn't ape the 70s, did something original with the form, didn't make your ears bleed by necessity and didn't need to have a girl in front sticking her tits out, and still actually have people willing to buy it and actually be interested in it. Those days are long gone. But it was possible once.

This is one of those records from not so long ago. The first release by a band whose music was relatively quiet, well sung and played, generally acoustic and gentle (with some great, fiery passages as well).

"Enter a world of fairies, sprites, and demons. Of pagan rituals at midnight and magic spells at dawn. Of Ignis Fatuus - Willow Of The Wisp. This is the world of White Willow, a collective of young Norwegian musicians who have a love for folk music and progressive rock. The group was originally formed as a folk ensemble incorporating progressive rock instruments like synthesizer and Mellotron into their sound. With increased exposure to the new Swedish bands Anglagrd, Landberk, and Anekdoten the bands sound became more symphonic, gradually developing into an unusual hybrid which seamlessly blends progressive, classical, and folk elements. White Willows music is very dark - almost gothic. The blending of acoustic instruments with Mellotron creates an atmosphere akin to King Crimsons "In The Court Of The Crimson King". The songs on "Ignis Fatuus" vary in length from the brief 2 minute choral arrangement on "Song" to the Crimsonish 12 minute instrumental "Cryptomenysis", which is based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft. The band mixes short moody songs with long heavy progresive epics like the 11 minute "John Dees Lament". At times the lyrics are rather melancholy focusing on age old topics like unrequited love and death. Other songs like "Now In These Fairy Lands" have fantasy themes. This 68 minute album features a wonderfully open and transparent audiophile sound."
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