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"Storm Season was White Willow's breakthrough album. The Norwegian prog rockers' 4th album was an intense mixture of retro-styled progressive rock and hard rock riffs, topped with female vocals. They have been named "one of the most significant progressive groups of the current era" by The Billboard Guide to Progressive Music, and "the Mazzy Star of prog" by College Music Journal. Their debut effort "Ignis Fatuus", even garnered a stellar review from Burrn!, Japan's leading metal magazine. They have played world renowned festivals such as Progfest and NEARfest, and have headlined France's Crescendo Festival. White Willow's fourth album "Storm Season" marks a new direction for this remarkable band from Norway. With a new lineup in place, band leader Jacob Holm-Lupo has fine tuned the band's sound, adding a more modern element to the mix. Although Mellotron and Hammond organ are ever present (perhaps even more so than before), there is an obvious heaviness to the guitars that was never there before. This is without a doubt the band's finest moment and is sure to please fans of their past work as well as bring new ones onboard."
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