Williamson, Robin - Journey's Edge (expanded)

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"In 1975 as the Incredible String Band dissolved Robin Williamson relocated to Los Angeles. He soon began work recording a tremendous body of new songs and a backlog of material that didn’t fit the repertoire of the late period String Band. These songs hark back to the glory days of the Incredible’s; based around the majestic acoustic ensemble playing of the Merry Band, this long out-of-print album is a highlight of Williamson’s career. The album marked the beginning of a very creative period for Robin – leading the Merry Band, beginning his interest in the Celtic harp and ancient bardic poetry. Journey’s Edge was released in 1976 on the Flying Fish label in the USA. This deluxe Fledg’ling edition will see the album’s first official European release. With TEN splendid previously unreleased bonus tracks."
  • LabelFledg'ling
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