Willie McBlind - Find My Way Home (Mega Blowout Sale)

Debut CD from a 64-tone just-intonated electric blues band led by Jon Catler, who has been working microtonally for decades and decades and has most famously performed with LaMonte Young's ensembles.

"Willie McBlind is a psychedelic electric Delta blues band led by Jon Catler, the world's leading Harmonic guitarist, and Babe Borden, known for her ability to sing any pitch, combining forces in this band to present a dynamic and powerful stage show. Willie McBlind is a band that can satisfy true blues fans and also appeal to a brand new audience. Primal rhythms and ear-catching melodies lead to cavernous chords which, when sustained, can evoke clouds over the Delta. The forces of nature are brought into play and evolve into an overwhelming live experience that draws from a deep tradition as it heads towards the future. Artwork by legendary San Francisco poster artist Victor Moscoso."

“Not your average white blues interpreters. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, I really miss Snaker Ray. It's just that when you listen to Willie McBlind, you need to adjust your attitude. I have both of their CDs (as far as I know, their only two), and you really have to listen to everything to appreciate their range. It's like Urszula Dudziak meets the North Mississippi Allstars. Although they can definitely hit a groove and give you some great driving music, there is another dimension here. Darius Milhaud and other classical musicians were inspired by jazz, and Willie McBlind is similarly inspired by the delta and Chicago blues and related genres. They deconstruct the blues in an abstract way, fully developing and appreciating the nonstandard intervals and metrics. Trying to keep up with their ideas will take your breath away and also deepen your appreciation of the original blues sources.”-Michael Shafto
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