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Wilmer, Gaia - Folia: The Music of Egberto Gismonti 2x CDs

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Gaia Wilmer - arranger, conductor
Special Guests:
Gabriel Gross - harmonica
Jaques Morelenbaum - cello
Egberto Gismonti - piano
Maiara Moraes - reeds
Aline Gonçalves - reeds
Fernando Trocado - reeds
Rui Alvim - reeds
Gustavo D'Amico - reeds
Joana Queiroz - reeds
Henrique Band - reeds
Bruno Soares - trumpet
Diego Garbin - trumpet
Gilson Santos - trumpet
Pedro Paulo Junior - trumpet
Rafael Rocha - trombone
Everson Moraes - trombone
Jonas Hocherman - trombone
Leandro Dantas - bass trombone
Luciano Camara - guitar
Rafael Martini - piano & accordion
Mayo Pamplona - bass
Lourenço Vasconcellos - drums

“The magical music of Brazilian composer/guitarist/pianist Egberto Gismonti has enchanted generations of listeners. His celebrated blend of folkloric, jazz, and popular music has stationed Gismonti in the pantheon of Brazilian music. Composer/arranger Gaia Wilmer fell under Gismonti’s spell as a youngster and now honors him with her new large ensemble recording, Folia.
Originally from the south Brazilian city of Florianópolis, Wilmer began her study of music late in life. It wasn’t until after graduating with a degree in international relations that Wilmer began to pursue her love of music by moving to Rio de Janeiro to study and perform. After four years, she then decided to move to Boston, where she studied at the Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory. While studying, Wilmer presented music with her octet in Boston and New York City.
During her time in Rio, Wilmer was asked to sub for the alto saxophonist in Corações Futuristas, a large woodwind ensemble. The group had a history with Gismonti, collaborating and performing regularly with the legend. Having grown up listening to Gismonti’s music, Wilmer was excited at the prospect of performing alongside him on this concert. Intense practice earned Wilmer Gismonti’s notice, which soon developed into a friendship (he would later write a recommendation letter for her application to Berklee).
Wilmer began arranging Gismonti’s music for large ensembles while finishing her master’s degree at NEC, as a rehearsal big band was made available to composers each semester. With a number of arrangements in hand, Wilmer received a grant from the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil which would provide opportunities to perform her music in the Institute’s four concert venues. She anticipated four concerts but was approved for sixteen. The grant allowed Wilmer to present music of Gismonti at a series of concerts in honor of his 70th birthday in 2018, in which he was part of the program. Gismonti accepted the invitation to play one concert in each of the four cities together with six other special guests, thus allowing Wilmer to enlist harmonica magician Gabriel Grossi and the former Gismonti collaborator, cellist/arranger Jaques Morelenbaum, for what would eventually be twelve performances in four different Brazilian cities and the recording of Folia, which was recorded soon thereafter in São Paulo.”
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