Wilson, Cassandra - Blue Light 'Til Dawn (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This 1993 album was Cassandra Wilson's Blue Note debut and set the stage for the bulk of her career.
One of the best jazz vocal and most influential jazz album of its decade, it features uncluttered and well thought out arrangements, each one well suited to the song chosen and each one well fitting her dark voice.
She was also one of the earliest truly jazz vocalist to cast beyond the 'great American songbook' and use a personal & eclectic batch of great songs that reflect her interpretation of jazz and not what the jazz police consider suitable jazz songs, with originals and pieces by Van Morrison, Ann Peebles, Joni Mitchell (an admitted great influence, another clue that she isn't a 'typical' jazz singer), Robert Johnson, Charles Brown, etc.
I'm a giant fan, so personally recommended.
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