Wingfield, Mark - Tales From The Dreaming City

MARK WINGFIELD guitar, soundscapes
YARON STAVI fretless bass guitar
ASAF SIRKIS drums, konakol singing (10)
special guest
DOMINIQUE VANTOMME synth soloist (3, 5, 9, 10)

"Each track on this album tells a different emotional story, perhaps about a time or event in someone’s life, or moments shared by a group of people. They weave together specific moods and atmospheres which could connect to the experiences of many people both real and imaginary. I sometimes glimpse atmospheres of mystery and subtle magic in streets of 19th century buildings and old villages hidden in the countryside. So many different people's lives and experiences have filled these old places, past and present. I wanted to capture this in the texture of the music." - MARK WINGFIELD

"Since discovering genius guitarists Jimi Hendrix, Terje Rypdal and Allan Holdsworth, some decades ago, no other guitarist, old or young, known or unknown, shook my senses more than Mark Wingfield. His adventurous, pioneering guitar work transports listeners to destinations previously unreachable, he is among the instrument's most radically unconventional practitioners and its most forward-thinking tone architects. An innovative guitar impressionist who carries an unprecedented expansion of the electric guitar's sonic palette of sounds and expressions into further uncharted dimensions." - Leonardo Pavkovic, MoonJune Records

"Sounds spectacular!" - Alex Skolnick (guitarist of Testament)

"One of the new guitar heroes of the 21st Century, Mark Wingfield has already amassed a sizeable (and diverse) discography in the past decade. But it’s been his more recent work with MoonJune Records where he’s really opened up to show just how truly capable he is as a linear thinker, a sonic conceptualist and harmonic idealist, most notable in the all-improv contexts of 2017 Lighthouse (with Markus Reuter and Asaf Sirkis) and The Stone House (with Markus Reuter, Yaron Stavi and Asaf Sirkis). On his stellar 2016 trio date (with Yaron Stavi and Asaf Sirkis), Proof of Light, Wingfield also demonstrated his mettle as a composer and bandleader, creating memorable compositions that sound like nothing that’s been heard before, fusing elements of fusion and progressive rock with a surprising penchant for melodic ideation. With his new studio album Tales From The Dreaming City, Wingfield builds upon Proof of Light’s many successes and innovations with another trio date where his staggering technical acumen is on full display while, at the same time, always serving the music. The world needs more guitar heroes like Mark Wingfield. - John Kelman, All About Jazz
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