Winstone, Norma - Somewhere Called Home

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Although under-recognized, even by the jazz world, Norma is one of the great modern jazz singers and she is *the* voice of Brit-jazz, appearing on a number of classic albums from UK jazzers.

"One of the greatest dreams I've ever had was of singing Tea For Two with Norma Winstone harmonizing in 3rds and 6ths. When I woke up I was so happy! Tea For Two is only one of the many great tunes on this CD that Norma brings her own very personal stamp to. The sound is dreamy and ethereal throughout. Tunes such as Hi Lili Hi Lo, Somewhere Called Home, and even the Egberto Gismonti tune Cafe are all brilliant. Norma is one of the most important female vocalists of the last decade or two in my book. This CD was cemented to my player for a year or so. Her work with Kenny Wheeler, Azimuth and others is also amazing. This music, this voice, is not to be missed."-David J. Engel

Norma Winstone voice
John Taylor piano
Tony Coe clarinet, tenor saxophone
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