Wollo, Erik - Infinite Moments

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“Infinite Moments is an hour of ambient electronic music from veteran Norwegian composer Erik Wøllo. Across nearly four decades, 40 albums encompass Erik's unique mix of layered synthesizers, melodic guitars and expansive percussion. This time he takes a different approach - there are no synthesizers! The album is performed entirely on electric guitars processed with the diffused sustain of the EBow and layered note structures of harmonizers. No rhythms, only long, vast and engaging soundscapes. Minimal, extended and infinite in it's essence, the album is a meditative inward journey of stillness and reflection - an emotional mapping of the mind, beautifully weightless and contemplative.
"The color palette is essentially more reduced than my other work" Erik reflects, "and the tracks retain a similar suspended level throughout. This is not so much about a narrative telling a story, but rather more like a satellite floating free and weightless in space." Infinite Moments is a new adventure in sonic dimension from Erik Wøllo. It's a contemplative solitude, a dreamy portal of shimmering and everlasting emotions.”
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