Wong, Dustin - Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads

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Despite our carrying his great 1st release (which we still have, hint, hint), I know you don't know who Dustin is, but that's why I am writing this now. Dustin is the latest in a long and interesting line of guitarplayers using looping and devices to create a very full sound out of solo guitar performance, traceable from Robert Fripp's earliest work with Eno at about the same time as Manuel Gottsching's Inventions for Electric Guitar and later Paul Dresher's Liquid and Stellar Music. This is progressive rock guitar music for the 21st century and anyone who is interested in the records mentioned as well as others, absolutely needs to own this.

"Second solo album from Dustin Wong. his solo work has been taking listeners on a trip through an intricately colorful wonderland that he creates with only his guitar and a bank of effects pedals. Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads is a departure from Dustin's previous methods as it is more closely a distillation of his live show into recorded form. The pieces are so intricate and detailed that we've asked Dustin to explain his process and he happily obliges us: 'I see all these pedals as a kind of textile factory. The sheets and colors are determined then the patterns are laid on top, one layer after another until it becomes a fabric mille feuille. Once that cake looks done it gets replicated again through another delay pedal. I can keep building these sounds on top each other and decide whether I want to take half of the cakes slices or not, if i do, I can gaze at the symmetrical void of what I have taken.'"
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