Wooley, Nate - Ancient Songs Of Burlap Heroes CD

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Mary Halvorson Guitar
Susan Alcorn Pedal Steel Guitar
Ryan Sawyer Drums
Mat Maneri Viola, Track 2
Trevor Dunn Electric Bass, Track 4
Nate Wooley Trumpet and Amplifier, Compositions

The features the same musicians Nate’s hugely impressive and glacially great ‘Columbia Icefield’ album, with a few guest spots added. ‘Columbia Icefield plus’?

“This album is dedicated to those who recognize living as a heroic act: the occupiers of sunup barstools; the cubicle-planted; the ghosts of Greyhounds; the reasonably sketchy. A burlap hero is one who marches—consciously or not—back to the sea in hopes of making no splash, who understands and embraces the imperfection of being, and in that way, stretches the definition of sainthood to fit.”
  • LabelPyroclastic
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