Wooley, Nate - Battle Pieces

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“This latest project Battle Pieces combines Wooley's deft touch at extended technique with his composing skills for like players. Recorded live at Anthony Braxton's Tricentric Foundation in 2014, Wooley brings together saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock (Anti-House, Paradoxical Frog, Mary Halvorson Septet), vibraphonist Matt Moran (Claudia Quintet, Slavic Soul Party, Dan Levin), and pianist Sylvie Courvoisier (Erik Friedlander Trio, Herb Robertson Quintet, and duo with Mark Feldman).
The written music and combination of players work through Wooley's composed music that gives way to each player's improvisations and each musician's extended technique. The disc contains four lengthy "Battle Pieces" and three "Tape Deconstructions." The latter pieces are not so much remixes as tighter amalgams of the performed compositions. Where the longer pieces stretch the compositions out, the "Deconstructions" are fitted for those of us with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. Perhaps the best way for the ADHD listener to experience this is to ingest the shortish pieces with their growling trumpet, bowed vibes, popping saxophone, and plucked piano before diving into the extended music. The music (and this particular lineup) succeeds at the merger of composed new music, free improvisation, and extended technique. Wooley's triumph is the euphonic combination of all these elements.”-Mark Corroto / All About Jazz
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