Worm Ouroboros - Of Things That Never Were CD

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A debut by a progressive rock band from the relatively small country of Belarus, a country that has already given us great music from Rational Diet, Five Story Ensemble and Archestra!

The line-up is:
Sergey Gvozdyukevich-keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass, flutes, voice
Vladimir Sobolevsky-electric and acoustic guitars
Alexey Zapolsky-bass
Eugene Zarkhin-drums
Vitaly Appow-reeds.

"Very close to classic progressive rock, characterized by vintage sounds, The Worm Ouroborus remind us of bands such as King Crimson, Van der Graaf, Jethro Tull and the Canterbury scene, with a slight touch of craziness. Nevertheless this album reveals a distinctive freshness and originality by means of melodic and rhythmic constructions, spreading in many directions but in a consistent and convincing way. The result is a brilliant debut that allows to the listeners an exciting experience!"
  • LabelAltrOck/Fading
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