Wubbels, Eric - Field Of Action / Contraposition vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

Field of Action [2019-2022]
Charmaine Lee - voice/microphones/electronics
Eric Wubbels - piano/synth

contraposition [2016]
Weston Olencki - trombone
Eric Wubbels - prepared piano

“Field of Action / contraposition (OOYH 013) is a split LP, and the continuation of a series of duo pieces for piano and other instruments that Wubbels has been pursuing since 2006. Field of Action is a composition in collaboration with vocalist and noise artist Charmaine Lee that grew out of the mutual desire for two musicians (Lee predominantly an improviser, and Wubbels primarily a creator and interpreter of written music) to find a shared zone in which to create. The resulting Field of Action is without parallel or easy comparison. contraposition was born of a similarly intense collaborative process between Wubbels and trombonist Weston Olencki, working together over months to develop and refine a singular world of sound and techniques for the trombone and prepared piano, which Wubbels then crafted into a four-movement tour-de-force of sonic creativity and expressive impact.
Field of Action (side A) and contraposition (side B) are an unexpected pairing. Wubbels is the obvious thread running between both, but this brilliant coupling works on countless levels beneath the surface. Field of Action could be a gateway to improvisation for a new music aficionado aware of Wubbels’ previous works. Or the improvised-music-obsessed follower of NYC’s downtown scene, recognizing Lee’s name, may find themselves drawn into the intensely constructed and flawlessly executed contraposition by Olencki and Wubbels. Unexpected yes, but a complimentary match that makes perfect sense. It is what’s happening in the NYC music scene right now; the fruit of three musicians unwilling to be defined by their own past, and who like many of their peers are tearing down the barriers dictating previously defined musical paths.”
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