Wucan - Sow The Wind

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Excellent, fun and rockin' progressive hard rock with great flute leads, reminiscent of heaviest early Tull (Benefit) with a female vocalist. If this sounds like your thing, this is your thing! Recommended!

"The Dresden heavy retro band WUCAN began their quick ascent in 2014. Everything began with their first EP "Vikarma," released in November 2014 on Metalizer Records. This release, which quickly sold its first 500 vinyl copies, received many positive reviews. With all of this praise WUCAN entered the studio to record their debut album "Sow the Wind." The band worked at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin, a well-known studio in the retro scene, with pioneer Richard Behrens. Behrens was able to capture on tape the essence and dynamic of a WUCAN live show, which carries a hippy attitude with a modern rock sound. Andreas Lupo Lubich von Calyx added the final touches with his mastering skills. The result is six extremely diverse tracks, whose sound and composition could have more than likely originated in the 70s.

However WUCAN does not imitate any artist but has developed its own individuality fitting somewhere between then and now inspired by influences such as Jethro Tull, Renft, Lucifer's Friend, Birth Control and Krautrock in general. WUCAN presents changing hymns, from jamming passages to metal riffs with flutes doubled and the complete range of 70s folk rock to classical hard rock. 'Wandersmann' is a 16-minute song filled with psychedelic splashes of color and the just named influences. It is also the only song on the album sung in German. Even the powerful opener 'Father Storm,' the reefy and hard 'Owl Eyes' and the melodic 'King Korea' bring a bright bouquet of 70s flashbacks. Rounding out this successful debut release is the eye-catching packaging. "Sow the Wind" 's artwork was inspired by a Rufus Segar art piece, an artist who is particularly known for his work in anarchist publications in the 70s. Divided in a seeing and screaming head in a stylistic representation, the cover and back perfectly fit the mood of the album. The storm which will be seeded with "Sow the Wind" figuratively hisses at the beholder before even playing the album."
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