Wyatt, Frank - Zeitgeist CD

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Frank is a founding member of the great US progressive / symphonic rock band Happy The Man, one of the very best progressive rock bands of their era. In a band that was filled with excellent composers, I think Frank was probably my favorite of all of them, and I have always found his tunes to be engaging and uniquely constructed and interesting!
This is a long-labored over solo effort that sounds very much in the tradition that one would expect to hear from Frank and includes really good performances from a crack bunch of folks from Oblivion Sun, However and Happy The Man.
Highly and hugely recommended to anyone who loves Frank’s work; it’s great to hear from him again!

Frank Wyatt~Piano, Keyboards
Bill Brasso~Drums
Stan Whitaker~Guitar,Vocals
David Hughes~Bass
Cliff Fortney~Vocals
David Rosenthal~Keyboards
Rick Kennell~Bass
Chris Mack~Drums
Peter Princiotto~Sitar
Mike Beck~Percussion
Ron Riddle~Drums
Kit Watkins~Keyboards
Joe Bergamini~Drums
Andrew Colyer~Keyboards
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