Wyatt, Robert - Different Every Time 2 x CDs

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Nicely priced, jam-packed compilation, tracking Robert's work all the way from Soft Machine until today, and including enough rarities/unreleased tracks that even the fan who owns everything will still want this.

"‘Different Every Time’ is a new compilation of the works of Robert Wyatt curated by Robert and biographer Marcus O’Dair. The double album features Disc 1 ‘Ex Machina’, the ideal introduction for the Wyatt novice, compiling tracks from his entire career and acting as a companion to O’Dair’s new biography on Wyatt, also titled ‘Different Every Time.’ Disc 2 ‘Benign Dictatorships’ brings together the best of Robert’s collaborations and guest appearances, or, as Robert has it, ‘benign dictatorships,’ including some very special oddities and rarities available here for the very first time."
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