Wyatt, Robert - The End Of An Ear

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This was Robert's 1st solo album, recorded in '70, while still a member of Soft Machine. It is a creative, free-music oriented disc with a lot of charm & goofy humor. Includes Elton Dean, Mark Charig, Neville Whitehead, David Sinclair, & a few others. Newly remastered.
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I would call this "The Freewheelin' Bob Wyatt" if "The End of an Ear" wasn't already such a great title. The title may be the best thing about it. With no lyrics, and arguably no "instrumentals", a lot of it veers towards exercises in pure sound. (The sped-up wordless vocals are completely insane). I can't tell if any of it was composed or improvised, and I usually consider that a good thing, but here, I'm just not sure if this stuff is good or not. It sounds a bit like parts of Faust albums that I've never heard. (????) It does include the great Elton (Dean, not that other keyboard guy) and the drums are amazing - not in a chops/technical way, but once again, as a component of the whole sonic (mess?) mass. This is not just fooling around, though - it sounds like a lot of work went into this album, but I'm rather amazed that someone would put forth the effort to end up with this deliberate result. The physical sound on vinyl was always good, and it sounds great now on disc as well, which reveals that for all my carping, I still bought it again, didn't I? -T.A.
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