X-Legged Sally - Land Of The Giant Dwarves (expanded / SHM-CD / mini-lp sleeve) 2 x CDs

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Led by composer/reed player Peter Vermeersch, X-Legged Sally was a part of the fairly amazing Belgium avant-progressive scene all through the 90s. It was Verloesem's first ensemble to really gain attention and it also can be looked at as the precursor to his current (very large) band, the also amazing Flat Earth Society.

All of X-Legged Sally's albums have been unavailable for many years, and these Japanese issues will be greatly appreciated by the many folks who have been looking for them. If you don't know them, you need at least one of them (at least one!)

" Highly enjoyable avant prog with hints at both the RIO and the Canterbury scenes. Brilliant! ... Their best. Everything here is so perfectly written, so skillfully played. It's an enchantment. Heavy metal jazz or something like that... Frank Zappa's and overtly open minded listeners should dig this one quickly!"-RateYourMusic
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