XHOHX/Ahleuchatistas - Ahleuchatistas/XHOHX CDEP

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This split release contains a little under 10 minutes from each band of material that is ALL unavailable anywhere else!

XHOHX are a Belgian duo of guitar/drum programming and bass. This is their 2nd release. Very noisy but also very composed ("controlled chaos!"), this has a lot of influences from Rock In Opposition-styled complexity and No Wave noise. The programmed drums are very well done and if they didn't tell you, you might not know. Think: Amygdada, Ototlithen, Ruins, Flying Luttenbachers, Present, with a heavy noise quotient. Very good stuff and recommended if you dig the combination of complexity and brutality!

Ahleuchatistas have been stunning audiences into slack jawed amazement for a decade. These are by the current (and amazing) line-up of the group; the duo of Shane Perlowin (guitar) and Ryan Oslance (drums).
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