Ya Ho Wha 13 - Penetration, An Aquarian Symphony

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"One of the heaviest albums from Father Yod and crew. Along with I'm Gonna Take You Home, it's just the best -- one of the finest sacred space cadet acid-mantra psychedelic death trips of all time, for sure. Captain Father Yod moans and groans a perfect vocal chime over the top of the searing guitar rip of 'Djin' and a massive cloak of tribal percussion and general peaked whatsis. Touched and tipped by higher forces you can only dream of -- this contain the most intense passages created by the band Ya Ho Wa 13. One of the best album covers of all time, too."

"This was called an 'Aquarian Symphony' back in 1974 to herald through music, the coming of the Aquarian Age, September 17th, 2003. It was ahead of its time. Now its time has come!"--Djin Aquarian, (guitarist), May, 2003.
  • LabelCold Sweat
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