Yamamoto, Eri - Duologue

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"Eri Yamamoto moved to NYC from Japan a little over a decade ago. A classically-trained piano prodigy, she initially flew to NY just to visit her sister, but after hearing Tommy Flanagan perform in trio in Central Park, Eri had a momentous revelation that her future would be with jazz. On our first hearing her play, it was evident that her passion had been ignited, that her devotion to learning was pure, and that the musical gifts which would allow her to add to the stream of jazz beauty were plentiful. Duologue is Eri Yamamoto's first album as a leader outside of the piano trio format. Each piece was composed by her specifically with each duo partner in mind (Daniel Carter, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Federico Ughi) and each piece is informed and suffused by their respective musical/personal essences. Eri writes incredibly beautiful songs. Contemplative, jubilant, mesmerizing songs. Songs which we've found increasingly rewarding with each successive listen. Her improvisations within them, guided by the rhythm as much as the melody, are invitingly exploratory while remaining always in service to the song at hand. We're proud as ever to present this great work from an especially gifted new creative entity, in communion with already established masters of the form of music called 'beauty through sound.'"
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