Yanagida, Hiro - Hiro Yanagida (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A really great, crazed, over-the-top Japanese psychedelic / progressive album by the man who brought us the amazing "Milk Time".

"Japanese keyboardist with more than his fair share of appearances on future-rarities (Apryl Fool, Foodbrain, Love Live Life + One, etc.), here's the 1971 follow-up to his heavyweight solo debut 'Milk Time'.
Teaming up once again with guitar surgeon Kimio Mizutani, its a dense bunch of pounding instrumentals, melancholy vocals and 'My Dear Mary', a doo-wop paean to the demon weed with Joey Smith on loan from Speed, Glue & Shinki."

"Second album of Hiro Yanagida is almost equally good as the debut one. "7sai no Rojin Tengoku" (which means "Elderly Person Heaven Of Seven Years". This album is also known under simple title: "Hiro Yanagida") doesn't bring any significant development compared to "Milk Time", but I liked previous record so much that any change in artistic direction wasn't necessary for me. We can find here lots of psychedelic organ and fuzzed electric guitar solos, jazzy drums, some spaced-out experiments (but almost never unlistenable noodling or quirky tape effects like in some other Japanese albums from early days prog...).
Poor enjoyment of playing for musicians and listening for prog/psych fans. The only major difference compared to "Milk Time" is lack of violin, however Yanagida and Mizutani (along with with flute, cello & sax players) filled the disk space with enough instrumental virtuosity to keep everybody happy."-progarchives
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