Yes - Symphonic Live Blu-ray (Mega Blowout Sale)

"Yes has never needed an orchestra because they've always sounded like an orchestra. When the band was playing at full fury, you'd swear more than five musicians were playing on stage. The Symphonic Live tour incorporated an entire orchestra to accompany Yes, and this Blu-ray, from a 2001 show with The European Festival Orchestra conducted by Wilhelm Keitel, offers Yes music, not overwhelmed by the enormity of the symphonic sound, but tinged with the subtle nuance of an appropriate and vital fifth instrument.

Where keyboardist Rick Wakeman, replaced on this tour by a very able Tom Brislin from New Jersey, once offered a full-bodied mood to Yessongs suggesting orchestration, the Symphonic Live version's strings swell. Often it comes as no surprise where the depth of the music lies, but just as often, the symphony is an unexpected layer to Yes' complexity, flaring up sometimes fully, sometimes quietly where you'd least expect it.

Aging Yes is at the top of their musicianship throughout Symphonic Live, with Steve Howe's funky and bluesy and progressive guitar playing being a constant pleasure. The biggest surprise is the backing vocals from Howe and bassist Chris Squire, which due to better technology have never sounded better live.

What a difference a few generations can make. I saw this tour in Albany, New York, and the neatly trimmed manicured rows of attendees sitting like attentive pupils in class, politely watching Yes, were a far cry from the Yes shows I remember in their heyday in the 1970s, when you had to step over half-conscious and overdosed jean clad bodies on the way to your seat in a sports arena serving as a music hall, with enough marijuana smoke in the air to choke a horse. Here at the Symphonic Live show, I lit a cigarette and was swarmed by security who dutifully escorted me like a criminal out the gates to a designated smoking area. There was little chance of lighting up anything else. Talk about your gates of delirium."-Guy de Federicis
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This was a really successful recording and video of ,possibly, the ultimate YES late-period shows. The band and the orchestra are having a ball! I wondered after this what would, or could come next.....who was to know the band would fall out with each-other? See the band riding high on their mood and playing at their best....just before "the fall". A great document to have of Jon and Chris playing their hearts out. See it and remember.....or see it and enjoy what this band was known for.....great musicianship and ,at this moment, personal interplay between it's long-time members. Lovely.
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