Yesterdays - Saint-Exupéy Álma CD

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Bogáti-Bokor Ákos - electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, Mellotron, MiniMoog, Hammond Organ, piano, synthesizers, additional percussion and drums, lead and backing vocals
Enyedi Zsolt - Roland Juno synthesizer
Francesco Faiulo - bass guitar
Kecskeméti Gábor - flute
Kósa Dávid - percussion, backing vocals, spoken word
Stéphanie Semeniuc - lead and backing vocals
Tarsoly Csenge - backing and lead vocals
Zsigó László - drums

Starting their life as a Yes cover band, Yesterdays is a Hungarian prog rock band.
While you can certainly hear their Yes influence(s) [for me, especially in the guitarist sound/tone], I didn’t think that they came across as a copycat band. YMMV. Listen and you can tell me.

“The new work appears as a music-biographical concept album, which addresses the world-famous story “Le Petit Prince” (“The Little Prince”) by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (to whom the album title is dedicated) and his plane crash in the Libyan Desert in 1935. Although the idea for this album is already 15 years old, the planning and completion of the 74-minute long player only took about one year.
Shortly before starting production the band surprisingly faced loss of their long lasting keyboardist Enyedi Zsolt. This way, the album becomes a kind of allegory of his death at the same time. It was him who had the idea for the album title and is now leaving an artistic legacy as well as his own homage with us. For one last time his synth sounds remain with the title “A méreg” which comes from an old jam session forming the core of this composition.
The special sound lives above all from its authenticity through the exclusive use of true and contemporary instruments such as Moogs, Mellotrons, a Hammond organ and a piano, which was specially recorded in the Transylvanian Károlyi Castle. There are no virtual instruments and no quantization on the record – everything you hear is real!”
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