Yuka & Chronoship - The 3rd Planetary Chronicles

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This is the third album by this Japanese symphonic rock band very much influenced by British 70s progressive rock, as well as sharing some kinship and similarities with the Japanese symphonic rock scene which thrived about 20 years ago. They are getting some world-wide attention, due to touring and getting the music out there!

"Yuka & Chronoship was formed in 2009 by Yuka Funakoshi (one of the most distinguished female prog-rock artists in the world) and three experienced session musicians (Shun Taguchi, Takashi Miyazawa, and Ikko Tanaka).

The setting of the band’s third album is the Earth or the third planet from the Sun. "The Third Planetary Chronicles” is a grandiose concept album themed with scientific/technological revolutions in the human history: stone-age, Copernican theory, industrial revolution, and theory of relativity.

The band has been expanding their popularity with live performances overseas: Prog’ Sud 2013 (Marseille, France), Festival Crescendo 2014 (Saint Palais sur Mer, France), 2Days Prog+ 2015 and Veruno Prog Fes 2015 (Italy)."
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