Z, Pamela - A Delay Is Better

I've known and dug Bay area-based comoser Pamela Z's unique music and voice for quite a while now, although this is her first full length release. She's been on a few compilations like that DICE from nearly a decade ago and she's performed here on occasion, most recently at the Kitchen. 'A Delay is Better' collects 12 pieces from 1986 to 1996. Pamela's enchanting operatic voice is put to good use and often manipulated in a variety of ways throughout this CD. On Bone Music", she piles up layers of strange voices in between her lone, solemn refrain, backed only be the skeletal percussion of an empty five-gallon water bottle. She sings in an invented language and the feel is that of a ritualistic ceremony. Pamela repeats the title "Badagada" throughout a piece by that name and builds layers of mysterious voices with the use of delays. I am reminded of Meredith Monk here, one of my favorite vocalists/composers. Although Ms. Z's main instrument is her voice, she consistently comes up with different ways of using, changing and layering her (various) voice(s). Sometimes she will loop just a phrase and loop it and use it orchestrally to surround the lead voice or voices. I dig the way she takes every available song title that begins with "you" from a page of a phonology and points her finger at the rest of us the way songs often try to accuse us of something. By recording and looping sounds on public transportation throughout San Francisco, Pamela creates the slightly disorienting dream of being a passenger, waiting to arrive somewhere. Each piece here tells a story and takes us on a little journey. Each piece works well at transforming us into something different. Well done, bubby."-Bruce Lee Gallanter/Downtown Music Gallery
  • LabelStarkland
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