ZNR - Barricade 3

The 1st by the duo of Hector Zazou & Joseph Racaille plus guests. Primitive electronics, reeds, electric & acoustic pianos, noise, songs, & the hovering spirit of Satie. Not as divine as Traite De Mechanique, but still an excellent and essential release

. "This disk features Hector Zazou playing predominantly electric piano and chromelodion (the tube-version precursor to the modern synthesizer), and partner Joseph Racaille on acoustic piano. Both share songwriting duties and vocals, the latter of which at times are so overdriven and messed-up that they create an ironic disparity to the seemingly Satie-like atmosphere...Barricades 3 has stood up to the test of time better than almost anything else. It remains as startling and mystifying as the day it was first released on vinyl in 1977..."
  • LabelReR
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