Zaal - Homo Habilis CD

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Really nice instrumental album that lies somewhere between Ghost Rhythms / Forgas Band Phenomena-style jazz/rock and symphonic rock. Recommended.

“Ten years after his second studio work, Agostino Macor's ZAAL project returns (La Maschera di Cera, Finisterre, Blunepal, Rohmer, Ombra della Sera, the Chanfrughen….) Creating an instrumental disc that enriches the "chamber" jazz-rock of the first two works with new - unexpected - World atmospheres alongside electric, ambient, downtempo and acoustic oasis contaminations. A concept album to tell the man / machine relationship, investigate nature as a perfect machine and the humanity of machines by reflecting on the past and future of nature and artificium.
Numerous instrumentalists in the field to give shape to a kaleidoscope of different sounds, aimed at underlining the complexity of the machines and "natural mechanics": the sitar of Emanuele Ysmail Miletti, the strings of Sergio Caputo (violin) Paolo Furio Marasso (Double bass) and Melissa del Lucchese (Cello), the winds of Francesco Mascardi (sax) and Roberto Nappi Calcagno (trumpet), the flute of Andrea Monetti and the percussion of Alessandro Quattrino. The rhodes, the piano and synthesizers of the leader Agostino Macor - also organ and mandolin - and the precious hosts of Edmondo Romano (woodwinds and winds), Mau di Tollo and Federico Branca (drums) weave the plots of the songs.
Recorded live during long group sessions, the record photographs a bizarre laboratory where rock, jazz, world, prog, chamber, ambient, acoustic, electric and electronic instruments can coexist in a meltin pot without time or space.”
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