Zaboitzeff, Thierry - Alice

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"As every RIO fan knows, Thierry Zaboitzeff had been active for playing upon hundreds of stages or releasing twelve albums in a vanguard of the RIO movement ART ZOYD in collaboration with a composer / violininst Gérard Hourbette from 1971 till 1997.
After leaving Art Zoyd and opening his own studio, Thierry, in cooperation with several renowned directors, started many different projects, which had made attendances at lots of events all over Europe; Thierry has been pretty active for compositions, studio works, and gigs - where the spirit of RIO movement will live on forever."-progarchives
Luciano Pagliarini-Saxophones
Stéphane Vérité-Text
Thierry Zaboitzeff-Composition, bass, cello, guitars, voice, samplers.
  • LabelAtonal
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