Zao - Ethnic 3 Live

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"...Zao also exists in various formulae, as evidenced by "Ethnic Trio Live" (2008). Here are nine pieces recorded live, Gerard Prevost being aptly replaced by programming. The three musicians play a brand of ethnic free-jazz, based on afro-american percussions courtesy of Fran├žois Causse, Fran├žois "Faton" Cahen's piano (or even synthesizers) and reeds admirably played by Yochk'o Seffer. Displaying an incredible energy, the latter also performs on the tarogato, a long lost wood instrument used in Hungary during the XVIth Century. With these three virtuosos, the listener is invited to enjoy an incredible musical trip, constantly innovative and diverse, keeping well the balance between musical structures and improvisations. One more musical adventure by an essential band in the French rock history."

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