Zappa, Frank - Civilization Phase III 2 x CDs

LONG unavailable, this was the 1st release of new material by Frank Zappa after his death and was widely acclaimed at the time. And again now!

"Civilization Phaze III is the sixty-third album by Frank Zappa, released posthumously as a double album on October 31, 1994. It was the first studio album of new material from Zappa since 1986's Jazz from Hell.
The album marks the third part of a conceptual continuity that started with We're Only in It for the Money (1968), with the second part being a re-edited version of Zappa's 1967 album Lumpy Gravy. The storyline of Civilization Phaze III involves a group of people living inside a piano, and the menacing reality of the outside world. The album's themes include personal isolation and nationalism.
Much of the album's improvised dialogue was originally recorded as part of sessions which produced We're Only in It for the Money and Uncle Meat, which contained some dialogue by the same speakers, and some of the dialogue on this album previously appeared on the re-edited version of Lumpy Gravy released in 1968. New dialogue was recorded by Zappa in 1991, and includes similarly improvised dialogue by members of the Ensemble Modern orchestra, Zappa's daughter Moon Unit and actor Michael Rapaport.
Civilization Phaze III has been acclaimed as one of Zappa's best works, and has been appraised for its challenging, complex music, largely composed and performed on a Synclavier."
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Thee best of Frank's synclavier albums. The last ,lost link to his whole output ,in a way. It IS Phase 3....started with Lumpy Gravy and We're Only In It.....and ending here,with people whispering in the piano and an Armageddon conspiracy theory sort-of story line, that will leave you stunned,or shocked by it's ending (and maybe our ending too?). A fine rounding out of your collection's dark,very dark.
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