Zappa, Frank - Dance Me This

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"The 100th release by the Zappa Family Trust and the last project to be finished by Frank Zappa before his passing, Dance Me This, was composed and realized on the Synclavier, FZ's go-to digital workstation that was state of the art at the time of the recording. The music is described by the Maestro as 'designed for modern dance groups.' The album was finished but shelved by the Trust until finally receiving it's much anticipated release in 2015."

"It is remarkable that Frank was able to construct such a cohesive arc, juxtaposing and superimposing such disparate materials, some of which had been in the works for years, while others were the fruit of the previous week's happenstance. Thrown into the creative mix were the incidentals (it was FZ's bent to be open to changing course and making use of whatever happens along). Earlier that year, the Zappas were graced with a visit from a trio of throat singers from Tuva in southern Siberia who were on a US concert tour. Naturally a recording session ensued, and the Tuvans' vocals ultimately became prominent on several tracks. Dweezil had set up his guitar rig in the studio, and Frank decided to take it for a spin overdubbing on the piece we were tracking that day. As far as we know, that was the last time he played guitar."-Todd Yvega
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