Zappa, Frank - Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison

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"Executed by Frank Zappa on his Synclavier at the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen circa 1986, it was originally intended as a vinyl release. It appears to be the missing link between Jazz from Hell (1986) and Civilization, Phaze III (1994)."-Wikipedia
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Long.....LOOONGGG,synclavier tracks,but a bit more enjoyable than Jazz From Hell ,for me ,anyway. He was gaining "speed" so to speak....which peaked with Phase 3 ,and it's sad to think what "might have happened " later ,if he survived. Enjoy it now and hear which way the wind was blowing in Zappa's mind. We have to enjoy what's left to us ....and this is a fine set of angular synth tracks. Ugly music for ugly times,me thinks....? But in the best of ways!
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