Zappa, Frank - Imaginary Diseases CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is the previously undocumented tour that Frank did in 1972 with "The Petit Wazoo" band in the fall/winter. A 10 piece band: Frank Zappa-guitar, conductor, vocals, Malcolm McNabb-trumpet, Gary Barone-trumpet, flugelhorn, Tom Malone-tuba, saxes, piccolo trumpet, trumpet, Earl Dumler-woodwinds, Glenn Ferris-trombone, Bruce Fowler-trombone, Tony Duran-slide guitar, Dave Parlato-bass, Jim Gordon-drums.
There are definitely some themes used elsewhere either earlier or later in FZ's career and song you already know, but mostly this is unknown material or improvisations or material so radically altered that it counts as new and it's all great.
Possibly the most important FZ archival document since his death, since there was no previous documentation of this important, very jazzy period of Frank's work available before and the sound quality is excellent! Some great stuff with a lot of horns and some great stuff with Frank doing his hot guitar-lick thing.
Musically, at times this is surprisingly close to the way that Ed Palermo's band's interpretations of Frank's music sounds! The liner notes seem to hint that this is just the first volume. I hope that that's true! Hot damn! I needed this in my collection and YOU DO TOO! Highly recommended!
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