Zappa, Frank - Joe's Xmassage

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"Joe's Xmasage was released on Frank's birthday during the Christmas season of 2005. Joe Travers worked closely with Gail Zappa on this third installment of the 'Corsaga,' showcasing vintage recordings from Frank's life in the early 60's. Music, historical audio documents and Conceptual Continuity clues fill up this special Christmas dish from the Vault for you and yours."
1. Mormon Xmas Dance Report
2. Prelude To 'The Purse'
3. Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix)
4. Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?
5. The Muthers/Power Trio
6. The Purse
7. The Moon Will Never Be The Same
8. GTR Trio
9. Suckit Rockit
10. Mousie's First Xmas
11. The Uncle Frankie Show
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This is pre-Mothers stuff....and enlightens the fans with more clues to later "happenings" far as my mind tells me. If you don't like Pre-Mothers ,stay away....if the early stuff intrigues you...well, this is just GREAT!
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