Zappa, Frank - Make a Jazz Noise Here 2 x CDs

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"Originally released in '91, the third title culled from the 1988 tour. A double live CD, this one includes such classic Zappa compositions as "King Kong," "The Black Page," "Dupree's Paradise" and "Strictly Genteel," as well as pieces from Bartok and Stravinsky. For good measure there's a still-topical improvised vocal piece, "Star Wars Won't Work." True to its title, this disc spotlights the instrumental side of the 1988 band, in some ways the most accomplished group Zappa ever had. Combining some familiar names from previous bands (bassist Scott Thunes, drummer Chad Wackerman) with a few new faces (guitarist Mike Keneally, later to emerge as a promising pop songwriter), the band's main feature was a five-piece horn section, which handled a mind-boggling supply of original and cover material. Make a Jazz Noise Here concentrates on virtuoso performances of some of Zappa's best instrumental tunes.
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