Zappa, Frank - The Rehearsal Broadcast

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“Frank Zappa's final tour featuring his own band took place in 1988 to rapturous plaudits from fans and critics alike. Taking in US and European dates, during the first US leg of the tour a rather joyful Frank Zappa had this to say about his new band: 'You know, it's the best band in the world'. And: 'Yeah, well, you know, we have fun with that band. Travelling around with, uh, eleven guys, you know, like we leave right after the show tonight and take an eight-hour bus ride to Cleveland, so it's a little bit like going to camp. Yeah, it's a blast'.
One of the tour's finest shows was played at The Tower Theatre, Upper Darby in Philadelphia, a concert broadcast locally on FM Radio, and for which not just the full performance was included, but the rehearsals and sound check were likewise transmitted across the airwaves.
This CD features this fascinating rehearsal broadcast along with another unique feature of this particular date; the audience request section, during which the band play numbers chosen by audience members during the second half of the gig. Beginning with Frank conducting the fans, it concludes sometime later with a somewhat astonishing version of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven'.”
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