Zappa, Frank - The Road Tapes, Venue #2 : 23, 24 August 1973 : 2 x CDs

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Previously only available from the ZFT (tm tm tm), I am personally extremely happy to be able to offer this small treasure up. I bought it from the ZFT and paid much more than this!
This is personally very exciting to me; this lineup of the band was the first rock concert I ever saw, catching them 3 months earlier, when I was 15! The lineup is FZ, George Duke, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Ian Underwood, Ruth Underwood, Ralph Humphrey and Jean-Luc Ponty. Good god, this was a great band!

"Road Tapes, Venue #2 takes us back to August '73 in Helsinki, Finland. The performances, compiled from 3 shows at Finlandia Hall, are recorded by engineer Kerry McNabb while on his first tour with FZ. This band consists of a lineup that is often regarded as one of FZ's finest. Stars like George Duke, Jean Luc Ponty and Ruth Underwood shine. The compositions become increasingly challenging yet still maintain the humor expected at a live Zappa show. A potent and rewarding release."
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