Zappa, Frank - Them or Us

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"The voice of cheesy metal? One of Zappa's worst."
"Whippin´Post has everything that usually is lacking in Zappa's music. It totally blew my mind forever. It's an Allman Brothers Band cover."
"If I were to be stopped in my tracks and asked which underrated FZ album comprises some of the finest guitar moments amongst his illustrious career, I wouldn't hesitate to utter 'Them or Us'. I don't know if the buying public either grown leery of FZ's 80's output or just had enough but unfortunately, this album seemed to fly well below the radar. Its quite unfortunate considering there is some fanatic yet fantastic guitar playing throughout the grooves. And to add for good measure (depends on subjectivity), guitar solos from not one but two other guitarists. For starters, check out Ian Donald Calvin Euclid Zappa's [aka Dweezil Zappa aka Frank's son] sick runs in "Sharleena." If that isn't enough, Steve Vai undertakes the (guitar) solo in "Ya Hozna.... For the finale, Franks takes the honours on the Allman Brothers' "Whippin' Post." Leave it to Frank to add his own spin to an otherwise known classic track. And man, does he smoke! All in all, this album could be a guitarist's wet dream. It's probably Frank's best release of the decade and certainly in regards to masterful guitar playing."
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