Zappa, Frank - Zappa '88: The Last U.S. Show 2 x CDs

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“The first posthumous archival release from the 1988 touring band focuses on the historical last show Frank Zappa ever played in the U.S. The live concert material is taken from Uniondale, NY; Providence, RIandTowson, MD newly remixed from the 48-track digital master tapes. It features the first official release of "The Beatles Medley" along with over 25 unreleased performances and liner notes by FZ's drummer, Chad Wackerman and Vaultmeister, Joe Travers.”

“This 2-CD set has been advertised as the first posthumous release from Zappa’s 1988 tour, but Frank released several CDs of songs from this tour during his lifetime (Broadway The Hard Way, Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life, and Make A Jazz Noise Here). Selections from the 88’ tour have also made their way onto other releases as well (America, The Beautiful for example).
So, what makes this set worth purchasing? The short answer is “Plenty!!!” Press releases mention that this is the first official release to include the Beatles Medley (as well as I Am The Walrus). Good as they may be, my favorite new “nugget” from this release, however, is Packard Goose with excerpts from music by Stravinsky and Bartok inserted where there was originally a guitar solo on the Joe’s Garage version.
The fact that this was Frank’s final U.S. show gives this release historical significance. The tour continued onto Europe, but the band self-destructed over internal tensions before it could tour the U.S. Midwest and West. This gives the final selection on the CD, America, The Beautiful, an extra emotional resonance. Despite his many criticisms of this country, Frank was an American (even registering concert goers to vote). After what this country has been through over the last several years, we could use more Americans like him.”-Charles Haarhues
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