Zappa, Frank/The Mothers Of Invention - Finer Moments 2 x CDs

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This seems to be all/almost all previously unreleased materials 1968-1971, including some of Frank 'noodling' in his basement. Most interestingly, the 1971 material, by the 'Flo & Eddie' band, features that great band without the vocalists, just concentrating on the instrumental wonderment. Not the best archival Zappa title every, but absolutely worth it for fans of the earlier period, like me.
CD: 1
1. Intro 1:20 from 6/6/69
2. Sleazette 3:33 from 6/6/69
3. Mozart Piano Sonata In Bb 6:21 from 6/6/69
4. The Walking Zombie Music 3:23 from 6/6/69
5. The Old Curiosity Shoppe 7:07 from Chicago 5/21/71
6. You Never Know Who Your Friends Are 2:20 studio cut
7. Uncle Rhebus 17:45 7/7-8/69
CD: 2
1. Music From The Big Squeeze 0:42 studio
2. Enigmas 1 Thru 5 8:15 Sept 68 just FZ and Art Tripp
3. Pumped And Waxed 4:19 FZ basement 72
4. There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die 4:37 68/69 - 10 piece band with guest Dave Samuels on vibes
5. Squeeze It, Squeeze It, Squeeze It 3:17 2/16/69
6. The Subcutaneous Peril 19:41 Carnegie Hall 10/11/71
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Really great "unissued" album ,planned for 1972 release. Frank sequenced it and aligned the edits and tracks for vinyl release(which is said to be forthcoming). Some parts will be familiar to real fanatics as various bootlegs held complete performances(for example the recently discovered "The Weasel Music" disc is edited for the first few cuts....)re-chopped here. But it is a delight to hear a "new album" from our man,and especially The Mothers(yes,early MOI and also the Flo & Eddie era). "Pumped and Waxed" is a bit of computer synth music,that is very interesting now....but could have blown minds if this ever made it to LP back in the Olden days. A fine listen with many facets to enjoy. Only Mr. Zappa could have sequenced such a delight,...and for just that reason all fans should try and hear this.
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