Zimmerli, Patrick - Explosion (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Patrick Zimmerli, tenor saxophone
Ben Monder, guitar
Stomu Takeishi, fretless electric bass
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion

“Zimmerli has unveiled an ornate and shining vista of new sounds…The Ensemble compositions are all twelve tone, but they are also tonal — Zimmerli’s mastery of counterpoint enables him to combine serial practice with a love of tonal harmony, yielding tightly organized but aurally exotic material that can nonetheless be represented by traditional chord symbols…Zimmerli is a masterful tenor saxophonist and an ideal artist who unites the searching drive of modern music with the groove, the sound, and the joy of jazz.”—Ethan Iverson

“What makes this debut recording so interesting is the way in which composer and tenor saxophonist Patrick Zimmerli incorporates an entirely unique compositional aesthetic…Zimmerli melds advanced contemporary classical technique with offbeat jazz rhythms, leading to a fascinating blend. For all its complexity, there is something deliciously accessible about the music, although melodies are rare, harmonies are layered, and solos are angular. Monder proves himself a wonderfully innovative soloist, void of cliché. The two standards are marvelous re-creations, pointing to entirely new ways of interpreting traditional patterns.”-AllMusic
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