Zombi - Spirit Animal

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Great 2009 release from this bass/guitar/synths and drums instrumental duo. They are obviously originally inspired from the punk genre, but like many others (Upsilon Acrux, Guapo, Cheer-Accident, Ahleuchatistas, etc. etc.), they use elements of old art rock and progressive rock as well. In Zombi's case, there is a heavy dose of (a) Goblin and sometimes even a bit of King Crimson and (b) fat analog synth sounds ala Heldon. If you had to compare it to anyone, I guess it would be Heldon circa "Interface". I love that 'fat Heldon' sound of a Moog, and this has lots of it! This is probably their best yet and comes recommended!

"Zombi's Spirit Animal is a tour de force whose up-tempo moods, patented psychedelic poly-rhythms and bouncing, lush interplay between men and machines ushers in a scintillating new era for the band. With an outpouring of genuine emotion and melody, Spirit Animal gives instrumental music the punch in the gut it needed by blending a genuine sense of warmth and emotion with the darkness the band is heralded for."
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